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Global POS Solutions with the Local

Websites and Online Shopping Cart.

Integrated WebSites & Online Shopping Cart, interact with your regular customers.

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Integrated CCTV.

Integrated CCTV, View Sales Transactions with Video Footage.

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Store Signage - Shelf Talkers.

Store Signage, for professional Shelf Talkers & Impulse purchasing.

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Interactive Customer Kiosk.

Customer Interactive Kiosk, provide recipes & produce information to enhance your customers shopping experience.

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In-store Educational Produce Videos.

In-Store Educational Produce videos, create a relaxed & informative environment to stimulate customer purchasing

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Customer Loyalty Programs.

Customer Loyalty, Reward your Regular Shoppers, in turn increasing their average spend.

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Real-time Multi Store Inventory Control.

Real Time Multi-Store & Stock Distribution Control, Centralized control across all your stores.

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Mobile Market Floor Buyers Guide.

Market Buyers Guide, manage purchasing with mobile technology providing real time inventory & sales data to make informed purchase decisions.

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Wireless Handheld Inventory Control.

Wireless Inventory Control, walk thru stock takes, order generation & price checking - all in real time.

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Integrated Labelling.

Integrated Scale Labelling for Pre-packing & Nutritional Labelling.

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Integrated EFTPOS - Speed & Security.

Integrated EFTPOS, Speed, Security, Professional Processing & reduced Bank Rates.

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Multi Industry POS.

Multi Industry Front End POS, with seamless & concurrent integration to Back Office, GROCERY - HOSPITALITY - FRESH FOOD.

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